Freestyle ontario's Coach Programs

Freestyle Ontario offers Canada’s only freestyle specific coach training program, created and developed by Freestyle Canada. Freestyle Canada’s coach pathway teaches coaches the progressions required for athletes to learn today’s most advanced maneuvers in park, pipe and moguls. The courses offered  by Freestyle Ontario are recognized by the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP) and required for all Freestyle Coaches working at ski clubs/resorts across Canada.

Using trampoline, water-ramp, air bag and on-snow components candidates learn how to train athletes everything from their first back flip on trampoline, up to their first doubles on snow.  Ontario Ski Hills are looking for qualified coaches to lead their freestyle programs, and develop Canada's best freestyle skiers.

This page hold the following information for Ontario Coaches:

  • Freestyle Ontario's upcoming scheduled coaching courses 
  • Freestyle Canada Coach Pathway Overview
  • Available funding and professional development opportunities for Ontario coaches 
  • Freestyle Canada membership and licence information

Coaching Courses 2017



Air 1-May 13-14 2017-NCR-Spring Action

Air 2-June 16-18 2017-NCR-Spring Action

Air 1-June 17-18-SOR-Horseshoe

Air 2-June 23-25-SOR- Horseshoe

Air 3 June 3/4-SOR-Horseshoe

Air 3 July 22/23-SOR_Horseshoe




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NCCP Courses @ Freestyle Ontario

NCCP Courses Offered @ Freestyle Ontario

134 Osler Street

Toronto, Ontario



Package A- Required for Club Coach -$75 each or all 3 for $150

Teaching and Learning

Plan a Practise

Making Ethical Decisions

June 9,10-11

Friday 6-10

Saturday 9-5

Sunday 9-5



Package B- Required for Super Coach-$75 each, Nutrition $50 or $150 for all three


Design a Basic Sport Program

Basic Mental Skills

Sept 16 9-7pm



Comp Development Courses

Prevention & Recovery Nov 3 9-5 $75

Leading Drug Free Sport and Managing Conflict September 15th 9-5 $85

Psychology of Performance September 27th 9-5 $75

Coaching and Leading Effectively Oct 13th 4-8 pm Oct 14th 9-5pm $110

Developing Athletic Abilities November 4th 9-6 $110

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Coaching Courses are offered by Freestyle Ontario in partnership with Freestyle Canada. Coaches begin the coach pathway with the Entry Level Club Coach Course and then can move on to the 7 Supercoach Course Modules.

  1. Club Coach Course:  This is the Entry-Level Freestyle Coaching Course required for all freestyle Coaches in Canada. Upon completion of the on-snow workshop coaches can teach Jumps & Bumps Level Club Program in Park, Pipe & Moguls. The Club Coach Course is a 3 Day On-Snow Workshop, with on hill Evaluation. Coaches must complete post-course evaluation to gain full certification.  

    *This course is not the same as the CSIA Park & Pipe Module. The CFSA Club Coach Course is a more comprehensive course for people looking to train athletes in a freestyle environment. The CFSA Club Coach Course allows coaches to move on to more freestyle specific training where as the CSIA Park & Pipe Course is the highest level in freestyle a CSIA instructor can achieve.

  2. Supercoach Program:  The Supercoach Program includes 7 courses for coaches moving into the NCCP's Competition Introduction Phase. These courses are eligible for a 60% bursary with the Coaches Association of Ontario and prepare coaches for training their athletes in competitive and high performance environments. The Air 1 - Air 4 Courses are trampoline, water ramp and on-snow courses and make up the CFSA's Air Qualification pathway for Coaches. Coaches learn how to train and qualify inverts in these different setting in a safe and advanced manner. Upon completion, coaches can teach Team or Freestylerz programs and Trampoline Programs. These courses are offered in the Spring in Whistler B.C., or in Ontario throughout the year. 

    • Air 1* - Introduction to acrobatic skills on tramp (No prerequisite for this course)
    • Air 2 - Advanced acrobatic skills on tramp
    • Air 3 - Coaching invert acrobatic skill in the Water Ramp and Airbag environments
    • Air 4 - Coaching invert acrobatic skill in the on-snow environments
    • Technical Skiing Module 1 - Introduction to flat skiing skills
    • Technical Skiing Module 2 - Mogul and Wave tank skills
    • Park & Pipe Module - Coaching advanced jump, rail, and halfpipe skills
  3. Competition Development Program: 

    • Moguls Certification
    • Slopestyle Certification
    • Halfpipe Certification

Freestyle canada Membership and Licence

All participant attending Freestyle Ski Coaching Courses must be members in good standing with Freestyle Canada and Freestyle Ontario. A minimum of a Freestyle Canada Can Free 1&2 Licence is required. Active coaches require at full Coach Licence.

Freestyle Ontario will make its best effort to reduce costs to the coach candidates. However coach course candidates are responsible for their own lift tickets, food, travel, etc.

Coaching Bursary

The Coaches Association of Ontario has a bursary program that will pay for 60% of the cost of your course (while funds last). This includes all coaching modules except the Club Coach. Please see the Coaches Association of Ontario website and this short video for more information.